Yves Siebers, Heinz Schmidt and Klaus Schmidt founded the Auction house
"Yves Sieber's Auctions GmbH" in 2002.

The Stuttgart "Gipsfabrik" - a historical plaster factory - has been extensively renovated by creating attractive exhibition and auction rooms. Due to the charm and flair of the building, the works of art and antiques on over 1,000 square meters of exhibition space receive a special setting.


Stuttgart has a new center for the art market.



We expanded our exhibition and auction rooms by an additional 300 sqm modern building complex


Managing Director and Auctioneer Yves Siebers
is publicly ordered and sworn in by the City of Stuttgart


For the spring and autumn auctions seperate catalogues

for modern art and design were printed



Kick-off of the bidder function "Live bidding" for the online participation in our auctions


A modern building complex was built which is connected to the

historic building of the old Stuttgart "Gipsfabrik"


Special catalogue section for the partial inventory of Castle Moorstein


Special catalogue section for the partial inventory of the Town Hall Mainz | Arne Jacobsen


First extra catalogue edition | The Dr.-Ing. Carlo Burschel | Wilhelm Wagenfeld


Opening Auction

4 to 5 annual art auctions with about 3.000 exhibition pieces on display per auction